The Consultation Request form is a free initial screening for individuals and employers seeking legal assistance for workplace matters.  

Please note that employment law covers a variety of different topics, and attorneys practicing in this field may not handle matters involving certain workplace issues.  For this reason, the Consultation Request will be used to determine whether the matter is something that could potentially fall within the firm’s practice area and time limitations. It also serves as a method to identify possible conflicts of interest.  

Please provide the information requested below.  If you need assistance identifying your legal issues, the Employee Rights and Employer Assistance pages should be helpful. 

You will receive a response to your consultation request via email, typically within 1-3 business days.  Follow-up questions may be necessary (at no charge) to determine whether a consultation could be scheduled and any associated legal fees for that appointment.

Thank you.



* Submitting a consultation request does not create an attorney-client relationship or a promise to provide a consultation.  Likewise, any response to an inquiry will be informational only, and shall not constitute legal advice.   A consultation and/or any representation will commence only upon the execution of a specific written agreement.

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