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​​​​Your business can rely on me to guide it through the intricacies of employment law. Whether you need advice regarding issues that arise with employees, or you want someone to draft an employee handbook or a employment contract, I am here to assist. In addition to providing legal guidance and helping you implement preventive measures, I have many years of experience successfully representing companies in adversarial proceedings such as an unemployment hearings, EEOC Charges and litigation. The link above will provide more information about the assistance I can provide to your business.

​​If you think you have a work-related legal issue in Georgia, you need to have a trained professional evaluate the facts to determine if you have a viable claim.  For the majority of my career I have been reviewing workplace issues and pursuing legal remedies on behalf of employees. My services to individuals include contract review, severance negotiations, representation before the EEOC and other administrative agencies, litigation in federal and state court, and appeals.  Please click on the link above to learn more about the types of employment-related claims that I handle on behalf of individuals.