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Many businesses do not realize how important it is to obtain legal advice before an employment situation arises.   In fact, getting advice from an experienced employment attorney about how to handle employee issues can help you avoid legal claims, which will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.   No matter the size, every business has legal exposure. Many small businesses retain me to provide advice on human resource issues on an "as needed" basis. Here are some examples of issues for which employers often need legal advice:
  • Unemployment Claims
    • ​​​Is your business completing the proper forms?
    • Are the reasons for termination well documented?
    • Does the company have grounds to contest an award of benefits?

  • Complaints  of discrimination, harassment and retaliation 
    • ​​​​Is your business ​covered by the federal employment laws?
    • Do you have the proper policies in place?
    • How do you respond to these types of complaints?
    • Have you taken an adverse employment action against an employee because they engaged in legally protected activity?
    • Has an EEOC Charge been filed against your company?

  • Wage and Hour Issues
    • ​Are you paying overtime in the correct manner?
    • Are you properly classifying employees for purposes of the FLSA overtime exemption?
    • Are you paying proper overtime when a non-exempt employee works more than 40 hours in a workweek?
    • Are you maintaining proper time records?
    • When can an employer dock time?

  • Medical and other leave time 
    • ​​When is an employer required to provide time off?
  • Contractual issues
    • Have any employment agreements been formed?
    • Should you pay severance?
    • Will your non-compete/non-solicitation agreement be enforced?
    • Have you created contracts for payment of commissions or bonuses?
    • Are you required to pay unused vacation / paid time off?

  • Employee Handbooks
    • What types of employment policies and procedures does my business need?
​If your business does end up facing a formal complaint or lawsuit, it is critical that you retain an attorney with significant experience in employment claims, as they often involve complex issues that don't arise in other types of cases. My legal career has been devoted almost exclusively to employment-related matters, and I have handled a variety of cases involving numerous types of contested claims in administrative agencies, and state and federal trial and appellate courts. I always provide my business clients a realistic assessment of potential liability, and discuss all possible options for moving forward.